Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal Innovation-Sustainable Consumption and Production. This project incorporates local bamboo-related industries, including the traditional bamboo industry and bamboo charcoal and vinegar stores for a successful industry alliance that would optimize existing products and cultural creative marketing, improve the efficacy of products and industrial value, cultivate professionals and a collaborative platform for industry-academia partnership, provide local community with experienced talents, and fulfill the university’s social responsibility.

Philosophy • Vision

"Environmental Humanities" is concerned with the sustainability development of ecological environment and natural resources. Science and humanistic sociology have built a cross-disciplinary bridge. This project aims to train interdisciplinary talents through R&D research that Counseling in the transformation and upgrading of the bamboo industry,. As the main axis of USR and advancing local industries, the development includes new agriculture, green industry, circular economy, environmental protection and carbon reduction, cultural revitalization, ethnic ecological landscape, commodity creative marketing and other multi-faceted. Through the cultural Production of bamboo industry, the use of bamboo charcoal technology, innovation services and industry-academic alliances, innovation and entrepreneurship, etc., actively constructing the innovation and development of the bamboo industry, and then using teaching research, talent cultivation, internationalization as a promotion. Combining with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this project will create a space for Taiwan's bamboo industry's soft power to be integrated with international academic and industries, and complete the creation of new industries to achieve new production value. In the industrial connection, through industry-university cooperative, curriculum, R&D teaching aids, leading students to participate in the transformation of the real estate industry and entrepreneurship training, to activate the university teaching field. Establish and integrate the resources of local bamboo farmers, product processing and market services. Strengthening the organic connection with local community will develope products combine with local and international characteristics, expand production value and offer internship opportunities to students. It will promote the combination of different professions, and cultivate local talents with cross-domain capabilities and local connections. We will lead students to realize and agree the goal of local industries technological development and resource transformation.