Exhibition theme and purpose

The world is still under the influence of the COVID pandemic in 2021, and many industries and activities are seriously affected. In order to promote the internationalization of Taiwan's bamboo industry and the worldwide exchange of bamboo, the exhibition is divided into three thematic areas under the theme of "Sustainability and Technology": "Bamboo Architecture and Furniture", "Bamboo Products, Crafts and Food" and "Bamboo Technology". A virtual exhibition will be held on the online website from September 12, 2021 to September 18, 2021. The Bamboo Exhibition invites industry, government departments, academic teams, research institutes, NGOs and NPOs from Taiwan and around the world to participate in the event. The exhibition will also be held in conjunction with the World Bamboo Day celebration and the Taiwan-India Global Bamboo Technology Forum, where global bamboo experts and scholars will be invited to present and discuss the design, technology and sustainable development of the bamboo industry.

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Organizer/ Co-organizer: National Chung Cheng University USR Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal Innovation Project, South Asia Bamboo Foundation

Advisor:Ministry of Education, Taiwan

  • Exhibitors:200 booths for domestic and foreign production, government, academia and research related to bamboo products
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Exhibition description


Exhibition description


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On September 18, World Bamboo Day, Taiwan has the advantages of both natural resources and technology, and co-organized the International Bamboo Business Exhibition with India. Under the theme of "Sustainability and Technology", the exhibition is divided into three thematic areas, including "Bamboo Architecture and Furniture", "Bamboo Products, Crafts and Food" and "Bamboo Technology". Due to the trend of online exhibitions driven by the epidemic, this event adopts 3D online business shows, which are presented in virtual commerce forums. We will bring together brands and technology developers from all over the world to provide a great platform for business exchange and networking. We hope you can join us to see the innovation of Taiwan's technology.

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-3D online trade show, virtual reality of exhibition

-Co-organized with India, inviting the worldwide bamboo industry to participate

-As a technical bridge of various countries, we urge business opportunities to boost match and transaction

In recent years, the issue of green environment and green economy has been on the rise and has become an important indispensable development indicator worldwide. 9/18 is World Bamboo Day, and Taiwan has the natural advantage of abundant bamboo production, and bamboo is one of the few green wonders that can be produced and developed sustainably. Taiwan is also known as one of the world's leading technology countries and is a pioneer in the application of bamboo technology. With the advantages of both natural resources and technology, Taiwan has joined hands with India to organize this international bamboo business exhibition in response to World Bamboo Day. Considering the trend of online activities since the epidemic, this event will be held using online 3D business exhibition, and the website will be presented in virtual reality, allowing you to experience the power of cloud business exhibitions. The online trade show is all online, so we also have the world's top brand buyers and technology developers to join the event. Please let us know your company's/your preference for online viewing/participation in this survey.

Schedule of the Exhibition